The Five Key Features of the Faculty of International Communication

First year students study the essentials of English. Second year students select either the English Communication or International Business courses, and begin studying their chosen field in greater depth in their third year. The curriculum of the Faculty of International Communication has five important features:

1. Generous Support for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a perfect complement to any language education program. It can provide broad perspective and practical English skills. Generous support is given to students who wish to study abroad. Financial subsidies of up to ¥400,000 are available for long-term study abroad, and up to ¥200,000 for short-term study. Students can receive academic credit for their overseas experience, allowing them to progress smoothly toward graduation in 4 years.

2. Expert Faculty

The Faculty of International Communication is unique in having a large number of instructors who are native speakers of English, and instructors with practical business experience. Practical study of English, business and the social sciences will raise student awareness of other cultures.

3. Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Student-teacher ratio is an extremely important factor in ensuring academic improvement. The Faculty of International Communication currently has 14 full time instructors for 60 students per grade level. This low student-teacher ratio allows instructors to devote more attention to individual students.

4. Rich Outside Experience

Valuable experiences outside of the classroom allow students to view society from a variety of perspectives. Study abroad, volunteer work, internships, and practical business experience all help students mature into well-rounded individuals.

5. Positive Support for Career Qualifications

In addition to TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS and other English proficiency tests, various professional qualifications can be acquired for a wide range of careers.