About GPWU

1977 Jan GPWU installation office established
1978 Mar Basic plan decided
1980 Jan Ministry of Education permission received
  Apr University opens (on the former site of Maebashi High School)
1981 Apr Teacher Certification program established (Japanese Literature, English Literature)
1982 Oct University move to Tamamura
1988   Teacher Certification program established (Aesthetics and Art History)
1990 Mar Aesthetics and Art History building completed
1993 Jun Student Exchange Agreement with Central Washington University established(USA)
1993 Apr Graduate Course in Faculty of Literature established (coeducational)
2001 Apr Foreign Language Research Institute established
  Nov Student Exchange Agreement with Soochow University established(China)
2002 Jul Credit transfer system with six Gunma universities established(GPWU,Gunma University, Kanto Gakuen University, Jobu University, Toyo University, University of the Air)
2003 Jan Education and Research cooperation agreement with three public universities (GPWU, Takasaki City University of Economics, Maebashi Institute of Technology)
2005 Apr Faculty of International Communication established; student numbers for each faculty changed
2006 Oct Student Exchange Agreement with Korea University (Seoul, Korea)
2008   Student Exchange Agreement with Dalian University of Foreign Languages (Dalian, China)
2009 Apr Graduate Course in Faculty of International Communication established
Department of Liberal Arts established
Center for Gunma Studies established
  Sep Student Exchange Program Agreement with Oklahoma State University (Oklahoma, USA)