Department of Aesthetics and Art History

As part of the Faculty of Arts, this course is divided into 3 strands: theoretical, historical, and practical. In the theoretical strand, students can study aesthetics, fine arts, music, theatre, dance, film, and dress and ornamentation; and in the historical strand, the history of the arts in the West, East, and Japan, and the history of dress and ornamentation; and in the practical strand, painting, design, sculpture, crafts (including dyeing and pottery), and computer graphics.

The curriculum is carried out under the guidance of a diverse teaching staff, with small class sizes. It includes not only lectures and research, but also artistic practice and production.

From the first year, students learn basic skills and gradually increase their knowledge and applied skills. Students gain qualifications as art teachers and curators, and acquire not only skills in fine arts and design but also skills that enable them to continue studying at the graduate level.