Department of English Language, British and American CulturesDepartment of English Language, British and American Cultures

The department approaches the subject of English language, British and American Cultures with the understanding that English is a living language. Students should also recognize this when they study to improve their own understanding and English ability. This will give them a better appreciation and enjoyment of all aspects of English.

The best method of acquiring the ability to use English properly is to enter and understand the hearts of people who feel, think and express themselves in English. We can accomplish this through a variety of means: studying the structure of the language, applying it practically, and absorbing the fresh, living shape of literary works. In this way, we can profoundly understand the spirit of English.

True intercultural exchange must also involve reform of oneself. It is our hope that, through the power of English, students themselves will gradually change, becoming people who are able to relate more deeply and profoundly to others.