Department of Liberal Arts

In the contemporary world there is now a strong demand for people with excellent communication and problem solving skills who are able to take the initiative and apply their wide knowledge in a practical way for the benefit of society. This department takes a cross-disciplinary approach to learning and emphasizes communication skills, student-centered classes and doing fieldwork in the world outside the classroom. Through this approach and the experience of discovery and cooperative learning, students will acquire a well rounded education.

What kind of person is the Department of Liberal Arts trying to develop? Someone who is able to enjoy being creative and express their own ideas
Someone who can both deepen and broaden their sphere of communication
Someone who is able to flourish even in times of vertiginous social change

What kind of applicant is the Department of Liberal Arts looking for?
A person who is inventive and keen to develop themselves
A person with has a strong desire to communicate
A person who wishes to acquire the skills to play a full and active role in society
A person with their own style and individuality
A person who would like to create their own personalized curriculum
A person who can develop their own line of argument in a discussion
A person richly endowed with the spirit of challenge