Faculty of International Communication

Faculty of International Communication

The Faculty of International Communication was founded in April 2005.
Today, women in Japan are entering an increasing number of fields in a society that is placing more emphasis on internationalization and a good business sense.

In order to address these needs, the Faculty of International Communication teaches business knowledge and helps students acquire a high level of practical English. Our goal is to impart leadership ability and practical skills to our students - two things that are necessary for women who wish to succeed in today's society.

The program is designed to respond to the wide ranging interests of students and incorporates a flexible system that features two broad tracks of study: the English Communication Program and the International Business Program.

Communication skills cannot be developed in the classroom alone. Students of the Faculty of International Communication will develop their skills through experiences that consider society outside of the university - developing an understanding of different cultures, customs and language in the process. Such experiences will nurture the good judgment and decisiveness that are necessary elements of a forward-looking business sense.

English Communication Course

International Business Course

English Communication Course- Faculty Members

International Business Course- Faculty Members

The Four Key Features of the Faculty of International Communication

English Communication Program

The English Communication Program is taught by highly qualified faculty. Hence, the level of instruction is very concentrated with a strong focus on increasing students' practical English skills to enable them to be active participants in global society.

Standardized tests such as TOEIC and TOEFL are actively employed along with presentation and debate skills, with the aim of making students highly employable. English classes take full advantage of the CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) facilities to develop a modern environment for students to improve their English proficiency.

The curriculum itself is very flexible. Both the English Communication and International Business programs are further supported by other interdisciplinary courses.

International Business Program

The International Business Program teaches students both English communication skills and essential business knowledge. International management, international economy, marketing, international politics, and information science are all taught to help students meet the demands of ever increasing global business relationships. Students are able to develop their media and technology literacy, skills that are relevant to world business. Diplomats, leaders of NGOs, and key international business figures are invited to give lectures so that students can gain a clear understanding of current trends in a global society.