In 2001, the newly appointed director of the Foreign Language Research Institute, Yasushi Akashi, established a working committee consisting of figures from the world of education and business to draw up a set of proposals to improve the English language learning environment in Gunma. As a result of the discussions of that committee and a wide ranging process of consultation, a set of 60 proposals covering key areas of English education was compiled and presented to the Governor of Gunma, Hiroyuki Kodera. The Proposal forms the basis of the Gunma model of English education and was reported nationally upon its release.

The New Proposal for the Improvement of English Language Education

Four years later the committee sat again to review the progress made in implementing the proposals and to offer fresh ideas on a number of new topics including the highly controversial subject of English language teaching at the elementary school level. The 40 proposals touch on important areas of English language education from the elementary to the university level and stress the importance of creating a rational and integrated approach.